• Case Study: Advanced Overmolding
    October 31,2018.
    Case Study: Advanced Overmolding
    It's known that not all injection parts challenge the technical acumen of the tool maker and molder, but there are some that do. In this article, an actual example of overmolding will be featured...
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  • From Thin to Thick? From Thick to Thin?
    From Thin to Thick? From Thick to Thin?
    Wall thickness of consumer products is usually not uniform. Generally, when mold designers are choosing gating position, they would start looking for a relatively thicker section and place the gate cl...
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  • Theory of Lapping
    August 31,2017.
    Theory of Lapping
    The surface finishing is a major determinant defining product quality, like tolerance, flatness and accuracy of dimension. Commonly known for most mold makers, there are several techniques for surface...
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