Injection Mould

Over 15 years, CN Mould & Plastic focus on making injection mold and develop an expertise for Elastomer. Tens of Millions of parts we shipped out each year, to world-class customer such as HP, DELL, Apple.

  • Injection Mould Design

A few design discipline can be followed to draft a mould. But to make one that can accommodate complicated geometries, experience, knowledge and wits are the musts. With mould designers over 10 years working experience in average, we are capable to perform the most complicated engineering requirments that customers need.

  • Product Design Consultation for Injection Molding

A major objective in the design of most plastic products is to minimize assembly operations by consolidating functions directly into plastic parts themselves. It's highly desirable to minimize the number of parts that make up a particular product

  • Injection Mould Making

Compared to other moulding processes, injection moulding is generally used to produce parts that have fairly tight dimensional tolerance requirments. To mould a part with aesthetic values requires not only high performance of the  machines but also the experience and skills of mould-makers.