BMC Tooling

Overmoulding has largely improve performance of many products for todays' products. Using overmoulding not only significantly reduces noise and vibration, but also provides other benefits like soft touch and sealing. The binding of two plastics is robust, which largely supersede binding performance of many glues.


This is used on outdoor electric power equipment.

Take a closer look at the outline between insert part and BMC. It's neat.

Good quality is what we are insisting on for years.

  • Project Time Span: 35 days 
  • Material:insert part +BMC
  • Mould Size:  330 x 350 x 331  
  • Mould Type: Two Plate Moulds  
  • Mould Material: H13 
  • Slide & Lifters: Yes 
  • Moulding Type: Single-Shot Moulding
  • This is only a sample project. No Spare Parts for Sale. Please click the button at right to have one of your own.
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